5 Ideas for Using Paint to Refresh Your Ceilings in Minneapolis, MN

If you’re intrigued by how paint can affect the way the ceilings in your Minneapolis, MN home look, it’s a good idea to look into which projects can make the biggest difference. It may come as a surprise that paint can make a big impact- especially when used in the following ways.

Diagonal or Horizontal Stripes

Painting stripes is an interesting way to make your ceilings stand out and can easily be done with the use of painter’s tape. Both diagonal and horizontal stripes can be used on your ceiling and can go a long way towards making the ceiling have more visual interest.

Focus on the Trim

Another way to give the ceilings in your home more definition is through the use of painting a border around the trim of the ceiling. Even if there is no actual trim, paint can create an illusion that will help add sophistication.

Stencil Shapes

Stenciling shapes, such as squares or triangles, can make the ceiling look modern and give your home a more unique look.

Add Some Texture

Painting doesn’t need to look flat, making texturing a smart way to help your ceilings stand out from your walls. Comparing the different techniques and end results of texturizing the ceilings can help you choose what will work best for your home.

Contrast to the Walls

When picking out the color for the ceilings, consider how it will look alongside the walls. If your walls are already painted, consider choosing a color that contrasts well against them.

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