5 Painting Ideas to Refresh Your Minneapolis, MN Ceilings

If you’re looking for creative ways to update the way that your home looks, you may not need to go any further than simply looking up. While a new coat of paint on the walls may be obvious, there are a lot of options for your ceilings.

To get started, consider 5 painting ideas to refresh your Minneapolis, MN ceilings.

Add a Trim Next to the Ceiling

An easy way to add some more definition to your ceilings is painting the trim that borders the ceilings. While a different color for trim, you can add some interesting contrast that will help your ceilings look more interesting.

Incorporate the Color of the Window and Door Trim

Another way to incorporate a contrast into your home is by painting the ceiling the same color of the trim of the windows or doors.

Keep the Color Neutral

As you look through all the different color choices for the paint, consider sticking with something neutral. What this will do is keep your home cohesive in style and help you avoid needing to paint over later.

Avoid Any Flashy Color Combinations

Along with making sure you stick with neutral colors, you’ll need to avoid making any combinations that look bad. This means taking into account the color of the walls and even the furniture in your home.

Try Out Colors in Advance

Whenever you’re choosing a paint color for anywhere in your home, you should focus on trying out different colors ahead of time. Trying out several samples of paint and waiting to see how it looks in different lighting can help you make the best choice.

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