5 Tips For Choosing Great Paint Colors To Transform Your Bathroom

Choosing a new bathroom paint color requires more than simply grabbing the first color you see and going with it. There are several things that you should consider in order to get your ideal bathroom. To help, here are 5 Tips For Choosing Paint Colors To Transform Your Bathroom.

1. Start Off With A Lot of Options – Go to your local hardware store and grab every single paint sample that interests you. If you think that there is even a chance the color will look good in your bathroom, grab the color swatch and bring it home with you.

2. Decide What Kind of Bathroom You Want – Do you want a warm and comforting bathroom? Or would you rather it be energizing to help you get going in the morning? The feel you are going for in your bathroom will play a large role in determining your color choice.

3. Look At Your Other Decor – If there is a painting hanging up in your bathroom that you really want to keep in there, try picking colors that will compliment it. The same goes for the other items in your bathroom, such as your shower curtain, toilet, and counter-tops. Unless you plan on replacing something, try to pick a color that will match it.

4. Narrow Down Your Colors – Once you know what style of bathroom you are going for, and which items are going to stay in there, you can start narrowing down your collection of paint samples. Try to get it down to two or three colors before moving on.

5. Get A Second Opinion – If you can’t make a final decision among your finalists, get a second opinion. Ask someone who is going to use the bathroom often (spouse, children, etc.), or better yet, ask a professional. You can contact us at any time, and we would be happy to assist you in picking out a paint color that will truly transform your bathroom.