How New Paint Dominates the Rental Market

In the world of residential rentals, the two constants remain as;

1. Owners want to have good, rent paying tenants.

2. Renters want the most out of their rent. 

But the one thing that changes the new potential renter’s first question from “Did someone just move out?” To “When can I move in?” Is largely due to how good the painting looks.

The vacant property has no voice except the paint on its walls. If light touch up suffices, the presentation will still not be as strong as its potential. The last thing an owner wants is to waste the first impression to the most noticeable part of a house’s imperfections.

However, new paint races past competition and stands alone. It’s that separation that can change everything. Showing a client 5-8 houses might bring them to a bit of a standstill in the decision process. With each house viewed, the list becomes a fight to the finish with paint often taking the lead. This reminds them that the care and detail of a finished product presents the eye-catching, heart warming visual when they walk in the door.

Too often a landlord bites off more than they can chew, trying to do a job that appears so simple. It can cost more than just time or materials, it can turn away a forever tenant if the job doesn’t look professional. So by making sure you contact us first and get a quote on your next rental, you can spend less time worrying if they like the house and more time reviewing the applications to rent it out.