Selling or Keeping: How Painting Can Help Improve Your Home’s Value

Painting can give a single room, or an entire house, a brand new feel. According to HGTV, painting is one of the best and low-cost ways to increase the “sellability” of your home, as well as its overall value.

In most cases, if you are looking to prepare your house for sell, you will want to keep your paint pallet within either a neutral color range, or an earth-tone range. Shades of brown, tan, green, blue, and even some reds are earthen tones, while creams and various shades of white are considered neutrals.

The hues in the earth-tone category have been shown to have calming qualities. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, you can still add peaceful elements to it just by choosing a more earthen color for your walls. (And as a bonus, these hues tend to play well with each other, so you can use a shade of blue in one room, a tan color in the next, and a green, in the same tone or shade, in the next.)

The top five interior home colors, according to a survey done by Angie’s List, are as follows:

  1. White Dove
  2. Roxbury Caramel
  3. Wythe Blue
  4. Monroe Bisque
  5. Shelburne Buff

If none of these really fit with your style, you can check out which paint pallet is best suited to your personality by reading this article. It lists four different personality styles along with specific examples of personality traits. By each personality category, you are shown a color scheme that corresponds with it.

If you are interested in having your house painted, you are welcome to contact us for a free estimate. We will gladly answer any questions you have about interior wall colors, exterior paints, trims for both the interior and exterior, and even re-doing your cabinets.