Selling Your Home? Painting Tips for a Fast Sale

Selling your home? First impressions are important. You love the yellow walls in your kitchen. It just brightens the room and makes it your happy space. However, buyers may not agree, and the colors you love may make your home difficult to sell.

Your house is your home, and you have created an environment that makes you feel comfortable. All the same, when one decides to place their house on the market, it stops being your home and becomes a product for sale.

Real Estate professionals agree home staging will help your home sell faster. Staging is the process of preparing one’s home for sale. This includes cleaning, repairing, or updating a home’s look. Painting is both one of the most effective and inexpensive home staging techniques.

A home’s paint is important for setting the stage for furnishings and appliances. It will give a room its unique feel. However, painting a room the wrong color can turn buyers off immediately, having them look no further.

Here are our painting tips for a fast home sale.

  • Use neutral colors for walls and white for ceilings.
  • It is best to paint the entire house if it is in the budget.
  • If one has financial limitations, the most important rooms to paint are the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Keep the contrasts between walls, trim, borders, and so on to a minimum.
  • For the exterior, try a power wash first.
  • All exterior doors need painting. Use a neutral color that complements the house.
  • If the exterior needs painting, use off-white or light neutral shades of tan, beige, or gray.

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