Taste, Style, Mood: 10 Kitchen Paint Colors for Your Minneapolis MN Home

Personal experiences generate feelings about colors. Those associated with good memories make you happy, while others make you sad. Colors energize you, sooth you, or please you because they match your eyes. It’s reasonable to surround yourself with colors that affect you in a positive manner.

The paint in your home is more than a cover over the drywall construction. It’s the ‘finishing’ touch that completes a room. You’ll live with those colors a long time, so consider what they mean to you. Your choice will reflect your taste, your style, and–very important–that positive mood you want to enhance.

In the past the kitchen was utilitarian–cook in it, clean it, keep it separate–but nowadays it’s a room for sharing. Families cook together, or chat, and in some cases eat there. Decorate it with colors that please your eyes and your disposition.

Here are 10 Kitchen Paint Colors for Your Minneapolis MN Home to brighten, calm, or embolden you. The selection is stylish and broad enough to satisfy varied tastes.

  • Soft yellow – Cheerful, reminiscent of flowers and sunshine.
  • Red – Bright, intense, and noticeable, it compliments stainless steel appliances or black counters. Too noticeable?  Go with opulent burgundy.
  • Green – Like trees, forest green relaxes. Prefer lighter and upbeat? Apple green is fresh!
  • Apricot – Sweet, not cloying, and it lifts the mood.
  • Gray – Pale and shimmering or darker with a blue tone.
  • Blue – Navy embraces while light blues are vintage, tranquil. Stylish!
  • Mustard – Sharper than yellow, this adds jovial richness to a room.
  • Brown – Solid, reliable, natural. Too dark? Mix in white, red, or yellow for a warm earthen shade.
  • Neutrals – Beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and white; mix in different proportions to change depth. To change the hue:            Warm Neutrals: Yellow, orange, or red added.  Cool Neutrals: Green, blue, or violet added.
  • White – Crisp, refreshing, add any supporting colors you choose!

Use different colors on cabinets and trims to compliment walls and ceilings. Create an accent-wall for a popping color contrast. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Interested in more ideas? Contact us for color concepts to make your beautiful house a truly beautiful home.