Want to Be the Talk of the Neighborhood for all the Right Reasons? Use These Exterior Painting Ideas To Skyrocket Your Curb Appeal

Nothing makes a home stand out from the rest of the houses in any given neighborhood like a fresh coat of paint, but finding just the right color and shade can be tricky. While it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what may look like a fantastic shade to one homeowner can leave others in the neighborhood cringing every time they pass that house. Choose the right hue, and you will be the talk of  the neighborhood watch group. Pick the wrong hue, and you will be forever known in the neighborhood as “that guy.”

To help you make the right choice when choosing the perfect paint color for your home, consider not just the color of paint, but the overall look of your property as you consider these exterior painting ideas to help skyrocket your curb appeal.

Consider the neighborhood. Painting can be an opportunity to express yourself, but if that’s your goal, do your expressing on canvas. When you decide to update your home’s exterior, keep it in line with the rest of the neighborhood. Live in a historic district? A muted earth tone with crisp white trim may be especially appealing. Live along the coast? Perhaps a sweet pastel would be in keeping with the area. If you have a good relationship with any of your neighbors, consider asking for their kind opinion of the colors you are considering.

Consider the season. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions from one season to the next, think about how your chosen paint color will look during the various season. Along those same lines, consider how the shade will look in various light. You may wish to apply a sample of the color to both a shaded area, and an area of your home that is fully exposed to the sun. How do the two compare?

After painting, add color to your landscape.   In order to make your house really pop, accentuate the subtle hues found on the exterior of your home by updating your landscape. Pull out muted tones with the natural colors of blooming foliage, fresh mulch, or ornamental trees. Consider accentuating your front door with a color all its own!

Don’t forget the mailbox. Although some communities have regulations regarding what you can and cannot do with your mailbox, many homeowners are free to change the look of their mailbox as they wish. Set your home apart by including your mail receptacle in your painting plans.

For help in choosing just the right color and shade to increase the curb appeal of your home, and make your neighbors talk for all the right reasons, contact us today! Our team is standing by to serve you!