What Does Your Paint Say About Your Business?

Is your office space up to date? It can be easy to let details like paint go unnoticed until you realize one day that the look of your office is no longer optimal for impressing clients and inspiring employees.

Having your commercial space professionally painted is a great way to get your office up to date and ready for success.

Modern Hues

Is stepping into your office like stepping into another decade?

Color trends change over time, and having the right colors on your wall says something about your company. Clients need to know that you are on top of current happenings and ready to compete in the modern world.

Blue grays, milky creams, pinks with beige and pale lavender are all colors that you can use to bring your office up to date with current trends.

Attract Attention

Does your office grab the interest of clients and get them excited about what you have to offer?

Your paint choices can actually change the attitudes of the people who enter your office space. If you want to project a dynamic, professional presence, use a power color like red. Try painting three walls a neutral color with one red wall that makes a statement.

If you are more interested in sending a message of excitement and possibility, use bright colors like yellow and orange. These colors will inspire investment in your company.

Stay away from colors like gray and stark white. These colors aren’t inspiring to clients or employees and can bring down the whole attitude of the office.

Cool and Calm

If your company is one that provides care and support to clients, you will want an office that projects calmness and safety.

Use cool, soothing colors like lavender or a soft blue. Avoid bright colors that can trigger anxiety. These colors will help clients feel relaxed as soon as they enter your office.

Your office cannot be as productive as you want it to be when your paint is old and faded or you are using colors that project a lack of energy and enthusiasm. Consider the statement you are trying to make with your office decor, and then choose colors that will help your business thrive.

For more information on paint colors and commercial painting ideas, contact Premium Painting.