Exterior Residential House Staining by Premium Painting Minneapolis

DSC02751Photo: We painted the soffits, gutters, windows, brick, and stained shutters and flower boxes.

Exterior residential house staining by Premium Painting, your Minneapolis House Painter.

Premium Painting can help you enhance the natural beauty of your wood siding by applying a semi transparent or solid exterior stain. With so many types of exterior stain products on the market, we are able to make recommendations on exterior stain products for you based on what you want it to look like as well as your budget. In most cases, a spray application with back brushing is the ideal method of application. Back brushing is simply brushing the stain into the contours of the siding after spraying. As with any project involving a spray application, we take every step to mask and protect items such as shingles, sidewalks, driveways, light fixtures, windows, shrubs, etc.

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