Oil vs. Latex Based Paints: Which Do You Need?

Painting is a big step in your home, whether it’s a rental or you’ve purchased it. But should you use oil-based or latex-based paint? There are advantages and disadvantages to each, and the choice is far from simple. Here are a few facts to help you in your decision on oil-based versus latex-based paints. Latex,… Read more »

5 Tips For Choosing Great Paint Colors To Transform Your Bathroom

Choosing a new bathroom paint color requires more than simply grabbing the first color you see and going with it. There are several things that you should consider in order to get your ideal bathroom. To help, here are 5 Tips For Choosing Paint Colors To Transform Your Bathroom. 1. Start Off With A Lot of… Read more »

Taste, Style, Mood: 10 Kitchen Paint Colors for Your Minneapolis MN Home

Personal experiences generate feelings about colors. Those associated with good memories make you happy, while others make you sad. Colors energize you, sooth you, or please you because they match your eyes. It’s reasonable to surround yourself with colors that affect you in a positive manner. The paint in your home is more than a… Read more »

Selling Your Home? Painting Tips for a Fast Sale

Selling your home? First impressions are important. You love the yellow walls in your kitchen. It just brightens the room and makes it your happy space. However, buyers may not agree, and the colors you love may make your home difficult to sell. Your house is your home, and you have created an environment that makes you… Read more »