Some Interior Home Painting Tips and Ideas

Having the interior of your home painted is perhaps one of the best parts of decorating a home. It really gives you the opportunity to add your own personal style and touch to your home with your favorite colors and color combinations. There is way more to painting a home than just brushing some paint… Read more »

Interior Painting: All You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Wall Paint

According to the EPA, indoor air is roughly 3-times more polluted than outdoor air and is considered to be one of the top 5 hazards to human health.  Considering that traditional paints out-gas, emitting low-level toxins into the air for literally years after application, it is important to consider the benefits of eco-friendly paints as… Read more »

Paint Technology Oil vs Latex

Choosing the right kind of paint might be more important than the color. The question regarding paint choice most ask is oil or latex? Repainting for a failed color choice still requires hard work, but it is still a forgivable mistake. Using the wrong type of paint will commission you to a sentence of hard labor. Oil paint is also known… Read more »

How New Paint Dominates the Rental Market

In the world of residential rentals, the two constants remain as; 1. Owners want to have good, rent paying tenants. 2. Renters want the most out of their rent.  But the one thing that changes the new potential renter’s first question from “Did someone just move out?” To “When can I move in?” Is largely… Read more »

When Is a Good Time to Repaint Your Child’s Room?

When is a good time to repaint your child’s room? There are many instances where painting your child’s room is a good idea, and here are just some of them. When a New Child Enters the Family When a new child is born and starts sleeping in a room separate from your own, you may… Read more »

Full Service Interior and Exterior Painting for a Perfect Result

Anybody can paint a room, but despite what you might think, it’s not an easy job. The prep alone — taping, patching small holes, sanding, priming — takes a lot of time. Plus, there are the “tricks of the trade” methods and shortcuts that most of us don’t know. And when it comes to painting… Read more »

Refresh Your Kitchen with Cabinet Refinishing

Installing new kitchen cabinets is a huge expense. It’s also a waste of money if yours are in good shape structurally, but are just tired-looking or outdated. If this sounds like a good description of your kitchen cabinets, take a moment to consider the possibility of giving them new life through cabinet refinishing. Take a look… Read more »

What Does Your Paint Say About Your Business?

Is your office space up to date? It can be easy to let details like paint go unnoticed until you realize one day that the look of your office is no longer optimal for impressing clients and inspiring employees. Having your commercial space professionally painted is a great way to get your office up to… Read more »