Color and Texture: 8 Painting Ideas to Breathe Life Into Your Older Minneapolis, MN Home

Your older home is special. It’s where you’ve made memories with your family and friends. You don’t want to move, but with the passage of time, homes, like people, need ‘freshening.’ With every space, every corner holding a singular moment you don’t want to lose, what steps can you take to revitalize your home without making major renovations?

Think new colors and new textures to brighten and lighten and renew the sparkle you once enjoyed in your home. Here are 8 Painting Ideas to Breathe Life Into Your Older Minneapolis, MN Home.

  1. A fresh coat of paint in colors you haven’t tried before will give your rooms a whole new appearance. Go light where you’ve had dark, go dark where you’ve had light–everything will feel different because the changes are right in front of you!
  2. Add texture where you’ve had only smoothness. A little sand or gypsum added to paint brings a naturalistic feel and appearance to your walls. Thicken paint enough and you generate a lovely faux stucco.
  3. Texture is more than tactile; it can derive, as well, from perceived depth. Stencil 3D images on the walls, suggesting shadow versus light.
  4. Be bold with geometric shapes. Diamonds and zigzags, circles and paisley…select a shape that dances on your wall and express it in a color that both contrasts with and compliments the basic wall color.
  5. Paint a faux wood grain texture and turn a wall into beautiful wood-paneled area!
  6. Go international–use colors and textures representative of Spain, or Italy, or England, or Mexico. Let paint imitate the special aspects of your favorite country!
  7. Don’t neglect the exterior! Changing the exterior color makes a house look new again! Select a color that glows in the sunshine and brightens a cloudy day. Have shutters? Change the color, or replace them with painted lattices!
  8. Trim. Trim. Trim!  Accentuate and delineate inside and out with complimentary trims.

Don’t let your older home look old when the simple sweep of a well applied paintbrush can return it to its early glory! Please contact us for more ideas about breathing fresh life into your home.