Some Interior Home Painting Tips and Ideas

Having the interior of your home painted is perhaps one of the best parts of decorating a home. It really gives you the opportunity to add your own personal style and touch to your home with your favorite colors and color combinations. There is way more to painting a home than just brushing some paint on the walls. Check out some helpful interior home painting tips and ideas. 

Selecting a Finish 

If you’re not very familiar with painting, then you might not know that the sheen you choose for your paint can make a big difference in what the final product will look like and how it will wear. You will have to choose something in between flat to glossy. Flat paint is completely non-reflective and is good for places without a lot of traffic, like adult bedrooms and formal living rooms. Next up is satin/eggshell, which has a slight gloss and a rich look that is good for high-traffic areas, like children’s bedrooms, family rooms, and hallways. Semi-gloss is your next option, and is perfect for areas that will get cleaned very frequently, like kitchens and bathrooms. And then high-gloss is good for things like cabinets, doors, and wood trim. 

Accent Wall 

Once you have chosen a paint color for a room, you should definitely consider an accent wall. It can really make a room pop with color and style by breaking up the traditional look of four walls that are the same color. Accent walls are usually colored brightly, as they are meant to stand out and draw attention. Be sure to choose colors that compliment each other and work well together. 

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